AirDroid is a free Android application that controls your Android smartphone from a computer. Using this AirDroid app you need to handle your phone. It's either messaging, calling, installing apps and much more with your computer. So you have to download and install this application from here, below the download link page. Airdroid provides better communication and uses no wires so you can send and receive files, photos, music, and video files with incredible speed. Set your information, mastermind, enter relevant information in the envelope, and make your device sync in PC with only one application, Airdroid APK

AirDroid APK (Latest version) For Android free Download

  1. Sending messages using your computer for contacts used on your computer for your computer has been greatly praised by the features of this application.
  2. Sync your phone data with the computer.
  3. Control your phone using a computer using the browser.
  4. All this advanced browser works fine with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and others.
  5. Wirelessly manage your phone.
  6. Back up your phone data and export it to save cloud storage or your SD card.
  7. Send messages to Voice Apps, Messenger.
  8. It does not provide you with virtual keyboard control.
  9. Therefore, Airdroid is the best for those who trust more on devices. Using this you can talk better using your computer.
  10. You want to install or install any app.
  11. Extra features, but.
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Therefore, AirDroid is an extraordinary exciting application that will help you control your Android device from any computer program window. If you can deal with the maximum content of your device and deal with the concrete interface of the mouse more agreeable to the interface.

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You can add components to devices, install applications and add to different activities stores. Therefore, AirDroid APK is a helper device, this can happen, be it capable to trade the ingredients like photos, PCs, and vice versa, images, threads in the fastest and most satisfactory way. Will make it. You can submit more information by commenting.

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